An Ode To 28

Well it’s official, today marks my second lockdown birthday! My 28th year of life has definitely been one for the books; a whirlwind 12 months marked by getting engaged (yay), Covid wedding planning (yay/ugh) and of course I dare not leave out my special journey with the one and only Invisalign šŸ˜€ . Being 28 … More An Ode To 28

My Promise To You

In eight years youā€™ve taught me so much. How to bargain, how to be soft, how to put someone elseā€™s needs before my own, how to practice what I preach, how to set boundaries, but most importantly, how to give the best cuddles! Youā€™re a blazing ball of energy that lights up this family with … More My Promise To You

An Impromptu Q&A

So I was looking through my Drafts folder just now and found this half-finished post that I’d started writing during my travels. I’d answered a bunch of random questions from a bloggers’ Q&A website to pass the time during a seven-hour minivan journey from Bangkok to the Cambodian border. That was over three months ago, … More An Impromptu Q&A

Birthday Vibes

In celebration of my 24th year on this earth (eek!) I thought it would be fun to compile a list of random and ridiculous facts about myself toĀ share with you. So hold on to your hats and prepare to be educated folks, becauseĀ Small Town Girl 101 is officially in session! Without further ado, let’s begin … More Birthday Vibes

Feeling Blessed

Of all the familial titles that I retain I have to say that being an Auntie is definitely my favourite one. On my dad’s side of the family most of my cousins are quite a bitĀ older than me and so in effect I grew up with their kids who were a lot closer to myĀ age. … More Feeling Blessed


So Iā€™ve been thinking about this topic for a while now: are star signs trustworthy? I know that it’s a huge generalisation to make but inĀ my experience peopleĀ tendĀ to possess certain characterĀ traits depending on their respective zodiac signs. For instance, LeosĀ are usuallyĀ assertive, Scorpios are knownĀ to beĀ passionate, Cancerians are notoriousĀ for their emotional tendencies, etc etc. And I … More Horoscopes