My Promise To You

In eight years you’ve taught me so much. How to bargain, how to be soft, how to put someone else’s needs before my own, how to practice what I preach, how to set boundaries, but most importantly, how to give the best cuddles!

You’re a blazing ball of energy that lights up this family with your presence. We’ve all changed for the better since you came into our lives and I’m eternally thankful to God for blessing us with you.

Your name translates as “life” in English, and boy have you lived up to it! Your tiger orange eyes and left-dimpled smile make me melt, but as much as I’m wrapped around your finger, everyone (especially Nani!) can agree that you’re wrapped around mine too!

Here’s hoping my reign as your cool Sharan Massi who never ceases to impress you with her nonsense, lasts for at least a few more years before I’m replaced by an iPhone or PlayStation!

With the hard exterior you’ve started to build up as you’ve gotten older, you only let a select few of us in to see your soft gooey centre and I count myself lucky to say that I’m one of the privileged few; I know you inside out.

You’re not just my nephew, you’re a piece of my heart and I’ll always protect you, be there for you and have your best interests at heart, no matter how far apart we may be. That’s my promise to you. ❤

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