The One She’d Been Waiting For

It was a hot Summer’s day in the city of London and there they were: a couple of mid-20 somethings totally and completely engrossed in one another. So engrossed in fact, that the other nine million people roaming the city were no more than an afterthought to them.

Like I said, it was a hot Summer’s day. And yet, excluding her billowing teal cardigan, they were both dressed head to toe in black: what a pair of oddballs!

Since the moment they’d met on Euston Road at precisely 12.20pm, eye contact had been unbroken and smiles and laughter had been frequent and easy. This definitely wasn’t your typical first date.

They began by devouring pizzas and then gorged on cookie dough during a screening of The Lion King. While he was dealing with the repercussions of accidentally knocking over somebody’s popcorn, she was more concerned with Mufasa’s impending death scene.

But alas, when that fateful moment arrived she reacted just as she feared she would…by transforming into a human waterfall. It’s fine, it’s fine, she thought, at least we’re in the dark, he can’t see me. As she proceeded to nonchalantly dab her eyes with her ring finger he suddenly turned and asked, “Are you ok?” a genuine look of concern on his face. Mortified she replied, “Yeah, yeah I’m fine”, cursing her overly emotional ways for making her look so soft!

It was late afternoon when they decided to jump on the Northern Line and head down to Waterloo; a grassy pavement ledge was calling out to them to take a seat. Entertained by the wily buskers of the Southbank, they were slurping on red and blue Slush Puppies when he told her she looked beautiful.

As the evening began to approach, they took a stroll down the Southbank with the river at their side, discussing her goals and all of his wildest dreams.

A musician was performing a noteworthy rendition of John Legend’s Ordinary People just ahead of them. She smiled as they passed by. It was too soon to hold hands but any fool could see that they both wanted to.

Getting to the Millennium Bridge they paused to take in the view of St Paul’s cathedral. Conversation ceased as he turned to face her grinning, his dark brown eyes and infectious smile beaming. And that’s when she knew: he was the one she’d been waiting for.

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