Writer’s Block

You know that feeling when you’re itching to write something, something good, but every attempt that you make just causes you to shudder and cringe with disgust whenever you read it back? I’m definitely going through one of those phases right now: a.k.a. writer’s block. Typically I’d say that my posts tend to write themselves. I’ll be sitting … More Writer’s Block

Why Do I Write?

A friend asked me a question the other day, why do I write? And it got me thinking. I guess that ultimately I write because it provides me with clarity. As bizarre as it may sound, sometimes I don’t know exactly how I feel or what I think until I’ve put my thoughts down on a … More Why Do I Write?

Blog’s 1st Birthday

It’s official, my Just a Small Town Girl blog is finally 1 years old and I just can’t shake this proud parent feeling that I have right now! Initially I thought that having a blog would be so much effort, something that I’d probably entertain for a month before getting bogged down and bored of it, but … More Blog’s 1st Birthday

Blogging Progress Report

Ok, so a few minutes ago I thought that I’d check in on my Stats page, something that I like to take a peek at whenever I get an unexpected influx of new comments/likes. Today however, I actually took the time to study the carefully constructed graphs and figures that I typically tend to bypass because I’m really not a numbers … More Blogging Progress Report