Blog’s 1st Birthday

It’s official, my Just a Small Town Girl blog is finally 1 years old and I just can’t shake this proud parent feeling that I have right now!

Initially I thought that having a blog would be so much effort, something that I’d probably entertain for a month before getting bogged down and bored of it, but thankfully that hasn’t been the case at all. I feel like I’m always being inspired to write my next post!

I’m the type of person who’s constantly bubbling over with thoughts, opinions and ideas, so this blog is an ideal outlet for me to express myself and fully satisfy my E.W.S. 🙂

Furthermore, the fact that I’ve accumulated over 25,000 views, 2,000 followers, more than 1,500 likes and 7 blog award nominations in the past 12 months is beyond unbelievable and I’m so grateful and proud to be able to say that I’ve achieved that! It’s particularly extraordinary when I go back and read some of my earlier posts, because I’m able to see just how much my writing style has evolved and even how my views on certain topics have changed.

Now I’m not saying that every post that I write is sensational or that they’re all especially deep and meaningful, but I can say that each one of the 79 posts that I’ve done contains a little piece of me that I’m able to preserve and showcase on this immense online platform and that’s pretty amazing!

So thanks to all of my followers, I appreciate each and every one of you and I love receiving your comments. Virtual hugs all around! Here’s to many more bloggiversaries to come 😀

43 thoughts on “Blog’s 1st Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday! I aspire to achieve the success you have gained in one year, and I hope your success continues exponentially

  2. Happy anniversary. I haven’t been diagnosed officially, but I think I have EWS as well. It is nice knowing there are others out there with the same affliction. Also, thank you for following my blog you can see the ravages of EWS first hand there.

  3. Belated Happy Anniversary. Cheers. Keep writing and enlighten our souls with your inspiring articles. I started reading your blog with the post maybe the Punjabi family get-together thing and haven’t stopped since then. As I mentioned in one of the comments on your article, your posts are so Indian that it makes me feel proud of my Desi roots. I especially love your posts related to your family, your surroundings, Punjabis and Sikhism because I am a Marathi guy and was always eager to know the lifestyle of the Punjabis (NRI’s especially). We see it in Bollywood films but knowing it from an actual Punjabi is more fascinating. And the most important – ‘the way you find joy in small things’ has motivated me to follow the same path . I am also curious to know why you chose, ‘Small Town Girl’ as the title for your Blog.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Mihir, it’s so nice to know that my blog has had such an impact on you! I’m glad to have shed some light on the way we Punjabis do things, Bollywood films definitely don’t provide accurate portrayals… I hope I’ve proved that being an NRI doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re guaranteed to be a filthy rich spoilt brat who’s completely out of touch with their cultural roots! I’m also extremely happy to know that I’ve inspired you to adopt a simplistic, yet positive way of thinking, you definitely won’t regret it! I love that my blog is a little beacon of optimism for you. With regards to the reasoning behind my blog name, I didn’t actually put too much thought into it lol. It’s partly stemmed from a classic Journey song and the fact that I’m essentially from a very small town just outside of London! I hope that I continue to entertain you with my future posts 🙂

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