A Shattered Perception

She’s only human, yet we expect so much from her,

Looking back, childhood was such a happy, carefree blur,

The image of her kind smile and beauty tattooed in our memory,

As we retreat into an idyllic and nostalgic reverie.

But over time we mature and start to dig, unearth and analyze,

Until slowly but surely her image begins to distort in our eyes,

She handled that wrong, should’ve done this, she should’ve spoken out,

Has always avoided conflict, buried things, what is that about?

A fierce lioness who defends her own till the end… No.

She’s more concerned about public opinion and putting on a show,

Making sure that the family name is always soaring high,

Even when the actual family is falling apart lie after lie,

Communication is discouraged, it’s very sad to say,

And anyone who disputes this is frozen out, that’s her way.

But in spite of all this, she’s still loved, isn’t valued any less,

We can’t change her so what’s the point in continuing to obsess?

Because it’s a complex matter and she’s had a difficult life,

Full of trials and tribulations and immense pain and strife.

We judge her harshly, but she doesn’t have all the answers we know this now,

Though from her title of perfection it’s time to take a bow,

She’s just been muddling along, a hardened woman set in her ways,

Only truly at peace when in the presence of God as she prays,

Will she ever admit to being wrong? That’s probably a long shot,

But when I ask myself the same question, the answer is also, probably not!

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