Why Do I Write?

A friend asked me a question the other day, why do I write? And it got me thinking.

I guess that ultimately I write because it provides me with clarity. As bizarre as it may sound, sometimes I don’t know exactly how I feel or what I think until I’ve put my thoughts down on a piece of paper (or a Word document) and read it through. It’s like a release, equal to the satisfaction of hitting a punching bag when you’re angry or jumping up in the air when you’re happy. And so in writing I find that I’m able to put a lot of the issues that I’m going through to bed.

I also get the chance to tap into a different side of my personality that not many people know about, the deep-thinking side, which is probably why a few of my friends have been so taken aback when they’ve read some of my posts; they just can’t comprehend how such insightful thoughts could have possibly come out of little old me! I’m generally known to be the tough sarcastic one who can handle anything, but my blog allows me to break free from that mould. I get to reveal my thoughtful and vulnerable side too through this outlet and I love it, because even the toughest people need to break down and talk about their feelings sometimes.

And so ultimately I would say that writing is less of a hobby and more of a necessity for me and you can bet that I’ll keep this blog going until the day comes that I can say otherwise 🙂

19 thoughts on “Why Do I Write?

  1. I have two stock answers for the “why do you write” query. The first answer, the sincere one, is “because I can’t not write.” But, if i’m feeling–smug, intolerant, impatient, grumpy, whatever, I just say “Why don’t you?” It’s sort of i-know-you-are-but-what-am-I-?-ish, but….

  2. Yes, writing is just not a hobby…rightly said, it is in fact has become a part of our living and thinking, it becomes such an integral part that we just cannot escape it or avoid it as it is deep within and drives our motivation and the satisfaction…writing is just wonderful…
    Clarity definitely is an outcome of writing and it is indeed process of better clarification with self and a creative composition…Happy Writing!!!

  3. “Why do we write?” I think it’s because deep inside there is this persistent, courageous, and undeniable spirit that fights to get out and be heard.

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