Bad Boy, Bad Timing

He’s attractive but cocky, a player who’s hard to ignore

She’s beautiful but cynical, having dealt with his type before.

His type toy with emotions, bad boys love that game

And they reinforce her belief that all guys are the same.

But he’s different around her, everyone sees it, so she wonders if he’s so bad

Opens up about his childhood, his hopes and dreams, his mum and dad.

She starts to let down her guard too when POOF, he disappears

Because he’s starting to really like her, this is one of his greatest fears.

Catching feelings is a no-no, the ultimate weakness he believes

What if he loses control, gets attached and then she leaves?

Or what if he hurts her? He’s known for his reckless behaviour

He couldn’t do that to her, she deserves a good guy to be her saviour.

She’s different to the rest, sees right through him, so straight-forward and strong

He could easily fall in love with her, but right now the timing is wrong.

Because his friends are all single and he has that bad boy image to uphold

At 22 he should be out exploring all his options, or so he’s been told.

A relationship will tie him down, so he abandons ship instead

Leaving her to wonder what went wrong, what signals she misread?

But he doesn’t explain his decision and in uncertainty her confidence plummets

As she wishes that she’d trusted her gut and hopes that one day he’s punished.

He feels guilty when he thinks of her, the girl who was different, funny and smart

She looks back and regrets the time that she wasted on the boy without a heart.

29 thoughts on “Bad Boy, Bad Timing

  1. Your poem touched my heart…reading with tears in my eyes and with my soul filled with memories…about the boy without a heart. You’re very talented…keep writing, you have something magic in your words 🙂 .
    Wishes of joy and love,

    1. I completely understand where you’re coming from, it is crap. But you have to just accept that heartbreak is a part of life and I guarantee that as bad as you might feel right now, you’ll come out of this much stronger and a lot wiser!

  2. Sadly, at 22, I was probably close to that guy. Not sure I was ever the bad boy, but definitely didn’t want feelings to get involved. But that was 20 years ago. Within a few years, I finally “grew” up. Great poem. This will resonate with a lot of people, men and women.

  3. I loved your poem..the same has happened to me, it brought back lots of memories.
    I am the cynical girl who wouldn’t let anyone come closer to except once when I got my heart broken.

  4. ‘Hes attractive but cocky, a player who’s hard to ignore’ .. ..with this description she knew he’d leave but hoped his love for her is genuine, but old habits never die. My point exactly is, the boy was a disaster waiting to happen. You know this about him, don’t get into relationship

    1. I think that it’s easier said than done in this case. In such situations there’s always a conflict between what your head is telling you to do and what your heart is saying… sometimes we decide to take the risk and go with our heart even though we do get let down in the end. It’s all a part of life and you definitely learn from such experiences. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. I’m actually glad to hear that someone’s related to the male character rather than the female. I think that it’s easy to judge the guy for being heartless but at the end of the day he clearly has issues with intimacy and commitment so both are evidently victims who lose out in this situation. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it 🙂

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