Kids These Days!

So the other day I spent the evening babysitting my four year old nephew. And as we were going through our collection of DVDs he decided to nonchalantly drop a massive bomb on me. He’d never seen Disney’s The Lion King movie. And he wasn’t even moderately interested in ever watching it. Is your mouth hanging open right … More Kids These Days!

No Scrubs

N.B.: This is a rant-esque post dedicated to all the single ladies out there who are frustrated and fed up with the male species! In particular, what is wrong with twenty-something year old guys? I mean seriously, this is not a rhetorical question, I need to know. Like so many young ladies, I feel like … More No Scrubs

Facebook Rhyming Rant

Often when I click on my News Feed page, To see what my Facebook friends have to say, I’m swamped with statuses and photos that make me let out a sigh, And question why would you post that? Why oh why?! Attention-seeking statuses about going for job interviews, Or a photo bragging that somebody’s boyfriend … More Facebook Rhyming Rant