Facebook Rhyming Rant

Often when I click on my News Feed page,

To see what my Facebook friends have to say,

I’m swamped with statuses and photos that make me let out a sigh,

And question why would you post that? Why oh why?!

Attention-seeking statuses about going for job interviews,

Or a photo bragging that somebody’s boyfriend just bought them a pair of Jimmy Choos,

Or 200 new pictures of a night out ALL with the exact same posing & expressions in each,

Or an exceptionally deep quote where someone is trying to inspire and preach,

Or a bunch of holiday pictures that make you depressed,

All of these things make me think, please give it a rest!

But ultimately EVERY Facebook user is guilty of causing these annoyances and thus bears the shame,

Because one has to be self-absorbed to be a player in the social media game!

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