One Step At A Time


Having recently graduated and left the secure cocoon of University behind, I’ve now got two titles attached to my name, BA Graduate and Serious Job-Hunter!

Even though we’re unemployed, us job-seekers are rarely relaxing! Because the reality is that searching for the latest job-postings all day every day and preparing for and attending interviews, is a full-time a job in itself! And it’s extremely stressful!

So for all of my fellow job-hunters, feeling dejected and tired of the endless rejection emails, I propose that you listen to my favourite inspirational song; one that always lifts me up and fills me with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism. And that is Jordin Sparks’s One Step At A Time. So if you’re sitting there frustrated and wondering ‘when and where and how you’re gonna make it…’ definitely give this track a listen!

I hope that the meaningful lyrics inspire you as much as they inspire me 🙂

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