Kids These Days!

So the other day I spent the evening babysitting my four year old nephew. And as we were going through our collection of DVDs he decided to nonchalantly drop a massive bomb on me.

He’d never seen Disney’s The Lion King movie. And he wasn’t even moderately interested in ever watching it. Is your mouth hanging open right now? Because 24 hours later, mine still is!

It’s an undisputed fact that The Lion King is the only animated film that has remained relevant throughout the years since it was released back in 1994. A Walt Disney masterpiece that teaches lessons on responsibility, doing the right thing and the importance of family. And it’s also the film that pretty much dominated my childhood.

Moreover, he responded with a look of confusion/indifference when I asked if he’d surely at least seen Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid or even the universal tear-jerker that is Bambi?! But no. He hadn’t even heard of them before. That cut me deep.

Once I’d composed myself, I decided to probe him further, mainly firing a series of, ‘What? How? Why?!’ He decided not to dignify any of my questions with a response, instead stating that he’d rather go play with the iPad now. Great.

But being a 90’s kid, Disney holds a very special place in my heart and so I wasn’t done with him yet. After some further interrogation, involving a pinky promise to wrestle with him and build a tent out of chairs and blankets, I discovered that he is indeed a huge fan of Disney films, just not the classics that I grew up watching.

Like most Generation Z kids, he’s enthralled by the new CGI animated Disney films, including Frozen, Monsters University and Despicable Me. Now don’t get me wrong these movies are great (minus that irritatingly catch song Let it Go!) but they’re still not a patch on classics like Lady and the Tramp or Pinocchio.

What I’m trying to say is that we need to start a global campaign to BRING THE DISNEY CLASSICS BACK. If we just accept the way that things are and continue to sit around twiddling our thumbs, the youth of today will grow up to become incomplete individuals. If they never get to bear witness to the poor resolution effects, catchy optimistic songs and endless moral lessons exhibited in films like The Aristocats, they’ll be doomed, doomed I tell you. So please, take heed to my plea and save the children… before it’s too late!

14 thoughts on “Kids These Days!

  1. In my country, Disney released a special edition DVD pack of 50 classics. It included from Snowhite movie to Frozen (I think Frozen was the only 3D one though)

    Its so sad to see the kiddos of today, only playing chinese made games and not in the least bit interested to watch or listen to these great Animated Classic Movies. I think the Chinese are to blame for taking over the Carton World.

  3. I’m 28 and I still tear up when I watch Lion King. I’m so convicted to not “hakuna mattatta” away from the things that scare me but to step up to the plate and help those in need. Remember a few years ago it was in 3D ? amazing

  4. My niece has frozen on repeat every time she comes over. I put Jungle Book on for her last week and she was not interested at all. I was most definitely heartbroken and gob smacked 😂x

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