The ‘Meh’ Phase

Do you ever feel as though your life is at a standstill, like time is racing ahead and those around you are progressing (or regressing, as the case may be) but for some reason nothing seems to be affecting you; you’re stuck in one place. Stationary. Unable to break free from the state of monotony that’s consumed your entire being. Continuously going through the motions on auto-pilot mode until you realise that oh, it’s the end of another day, nothing accomplished but hey-ho time for bed again! Try as you may you just can’t seem to shake yourself out of this funk. You long to get your hands on a cure, some sort of untoward thrill-factor that’ll ZAP you back to life. Something to look forward to. Anything to remind you that your heart still has the ability to race, that blood is still pumping through those veins. Because this isn’t you. It’s just a passing phase I know that, you know that, we fully get that. Everyone experiences this feeling at one time or another. But while I’m caught up in the midst of it I just can’t help but to feel frustrated to the max. Urgh, I hope that this meh phase passes quickly!

14 thoughts on “The ‘Meh’ Phase

  1. I know exactly how you’re feeling. I wish I could say it’s the winter blues kicking in…but there’s obviously more to it than that. Just remember like all things, (and I’m paraphrasing you here) this too shall pass. Take care Sharan!

  2. When I reach this point in life, I always try to make a change. Lately, it has been harder to do for me. In the past, I would change jobs, move to a new town just something to shake things up. Now I have a Job I am successful at, the job and I are really both a great fit. I do not want to leave this company, due to the fact there is nothing else quite like it. That has taken away on of my options to deal with this meh phase. I need excitement; I need a change, something needs to be done, but I can not modify the world around me. So I am going to focus on changing myself, doing things I normally would not do, experiencing new things, venturing out of my social circle. Hopefully, this will help.

  3. Thanks for following my blog! Completely feel you, I’ve had this phase for way too long and as you may have read, I’ve now quit my job in order to find what it is that can help me get my mojo back. Keen to see where it’ll take me. I hope you find your thrill-factor soon!

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