Penny For Your Thoughts

My Drafts folder on WordPress is an actual mess. Any OCD sufferers out there, trust me you should count your lucky stars that you’ll never have the misfortune of laying your eyes on it!

It’s basically a folder filled with half-finished posts, bullet point lists, quotes that I stumbled upon and considered to be “cool” for whatever reason, disjointed, emotional rants and random thoughts that I just had to get out but didn’t feel the need to put together in a comprehensive format.

However, I know that something is amiss when I have nothing to haphazardly scribble down…

Because when I’m in a good, happy, appreciative mood, I’m inspired to write. When I’m contemplative, sad or angry, yup you guessed it, I’m inspired to write.

Yet when I’m just going through the motions and far from being mentally stimulated, that ‘meh’ feeling and the sense of drabness that comes along with it really puts a dampener on my creativity and I lose all desire to write.

In turn, I start to feel like I’m no longer in sync with myself, and as I’m sure you can imagine, that’s not a great feeling. It’s like when you have a cold and you feel blocked up, however in my case the blockage is purely metaphorical, of course. #WowI’mADramaQueen

I’ve noticed that the company I keep also has a role to play. While some people encourage my creative juices to flow through good, stimulating conversation (those ones are the keepers ❤ ) others stifle them – to put it bluntly.

So basically, this blog is like a reflection of my soul. #YupDefinitelyADramaQueen

Who would’ve thought that something as seemingly inconsequential as stringing a few words together could hold the key to keeping me sane ‘ey!

11 thoughts on “Penny For Your Thoughts

  1. Totally get this! My drafts are full of random thoughts too. Sometimes it’s quite therapeutic to just write anything that comes into your head.

  2. I’m currently on my #19th draft. It’s getting out of control to be honest. I log in to either create another draft or continue whichever one I feel like updating.

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