Going With My Gut

Your brain can be fooled, and your heart is an idiot, but your gut doesn’t know how to lie

In my 26 years on this earth I’ve never really paid much attention to the whole intuition thing. I’ve heard people talk about how a female’s intuition is a force to be reckoned with, but I think today was the first time I actually sat down and properly mulled it over.

When I really think about it, there have been countless times where I’ve had either a strongly positive or strongly negative feeling about something/someone from the get-go, for no particular reason at all.

What I tend to do in these situations really depends on whether it’s a positive or negative vibe that I get. When it’s positive, I’ll go with my gut instantaneously. I’ll take the plunge without a second thought and it almost always pays off…wooo! Whereas if it’s negative, I’ll acknowledge the metaphorical thunder and lightning striking above my head, right before I completely dismiss it and carry on anyway. La la la la la…

Why’s that you ask? Number one, I’m dumb. Number two, I have a tendency to think that I’m being too rash to completely dismiss something without at least giving it a shot. Number three, I’m one of those people who abhors the idea of wondering what if for all eternity. And in my defence, ignoring my intuition can sometimes be the lesser of two evils; ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you that I say “Ah well” a lot more often than I demand to know “What if?!”.

But what I’ve also realised is that that “bad feeling” that eats away at me whenever I decide to proceed without caution is my intuition telling me that no matter how adamant I am to follow a particular path, it’ll lead to a dead end. And to be honest, it always does.

So instead of constantly taking the scenic route and wasting my precious time, I think I need to start showing my intuition a bit of respect. The days of this Small Town Girl going against her better judgement are officially over!

I don’t think that having hunches are reserved specifically for women either, tonnes of leading businessmen attribute their success to having a well-functioning gut feeling that guided them through a lot of tough decision-making. I believe that everyone is born with an intuition, it’s just the individual’s decision whether they choose to listen to it or not.

I also think that the more life experience you have, the stronger and more reliable your intuition becomes. So here’s hoping it’s something that I slowly but surely learn to master, because once I’m in tune with my gut, nothing can stop me. 😃

16 thoughts on “Going With My Gut

  1. I think there are forces within each of us that work to keep us moving toward positive results. I would call that thing in me the Holy Spirit. You may call it something else. Whatever you call it, learning to listen and pay attention can result in fewer heartaches and hard lessons in the end. Great post.

  2. Intuition is def not just a female thing. I also tend to wanna “give things a shot,” even when my gut is telling me “Oh helllll no.” Paying more attention to this feeling could have saved me a lotta grief, guilt and heartache. Fortunately, all that has steered me to give it more creedance going forward. Great post!

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