Sayonara Summer!

Am I the only one who’s been smiling like a Cheshire Cat ever since the clocks went back last weekend…I’ll take that as a yes!😂  Look, Summer’s great and everything, I enjoy topping up my Vitamin D levels as much as the next person, I really do. But ever since the temperature dropped 10 degrees, … More Sayonara Summer!

Pathetic Fallacy

It can be so miserable at times to live in England: the country in which it rains 99% of the time. Especially now as we’re approaching Autumn and the days are getting noticeably shorter, I find myself wondering every day, did we even have a Summer?! Now if you work in an office like me, you … More Pathetic Fallacy

Bubble of Joy

Call it a direct effect of the lovely, summery weather, but yesterday I noticed that in general central Londoners seemed a lot happier! Considering London is notorious for having a population of rude snobs, somehow I managed to pass three people on my way to work who were smiling to themselves as they were walking. And it … More Bubble of Joy