Pathetic Fallacy

It can be so miserable at times to live in England: the country in which it rains 99% of the time. Especially now as we’re approaching Autumn and the days are getting noticeably shorter, I find myself wondering every day, did we even have a Summer?!

Now if you work in an office like me, you probably would have noticed the huge impact that the weather has on people’s moods.

For example, on the rare occasion that it happens to be dry and sunny outside, you’ll find everyone strutting their stuff with massive smiles plastered across their faces. Donning the floweriest, brightest coloured dresses and shirts that they can find in their wardrobes; everybody is an absolute delight to work with on days like these! Chit-chat and small-talk suddenly become much more bearable, welcomed even, indeed it’s hard not to develop a spring in your step when the sun is shining…

And then you get the other 364 days of the year.

Whenever I happen to glance out of the window and see nothing but grey and rain pounding the glass (as it is right now) I can’t help but to be drawn to the most depressing types of music. Sitting there slumped in my chair, I blast the songs through my headphones to numb my pain. And looking around I notice that everyone in the vicinity is in a similar state of mind. Avoiding eye contact, typing menacingly away at their keyboards, wearing forlorn, drab expressions on their long, sulky faces. Small-talk at the water dispenser/kettle is rarely initiated or is entertained for no longer than five seconds. And the loudest sound that you’ll hear (apart from the rain) are the sounds of people sighing and dragging their feet up and down the stairs.

It’s so depressing. I find myself feeling like my dog just died… and I’ve never even had a pet!

That’s usually the point that I get to before I stop and issue myself with a much needed time-out. Time to evaluate the situation. Why exactly am I so miserable? What actually happened? NOTHING. That’s right, nothing at all.

I’m not actually upset or sad about anything, but it’s the damn weather that’s trying to convince me otherwise! And so I attempt to perk myself up. Nothing spectacular, just a nice frothy hot chocolate (not a big coffee fan) and a happy, upbeat music playlist that doesn’t consist of any Ed Sheeran, Adele or Sam Smith! And for the most part, that usually does the trick and I’m back to looking on the bright side again…phew!

English weather, I refuse to let you get me down! Plus I like the Winter any way, in fact I welcome the not-so-far-off days where I’ll get to dust off and don my big snuggly coats, scarves and hats… so bring it on, I’m ready for you. 😀

35 thoughts on “Pathetic Fallacy

  1. I guess that’s why we Filipinos always find something to laugh about because the sun always seems to be shining down here. I do hope you can come and visit our sunny country. 🙂

  2. I love a rainy day, the rainy days make me feel invigorated. But maybe I wouldn’t, if it rained as much here as it does there. Hard to say.

    1. I love rainy days too Joey, but in moderation! The feeling of walking in the pouring rain with a big sturdy umbrella and boots on is second to none 🙂 But English rain is something else! Wherever you are, make the most of the weather, because I for one am very envious of you lol

  3. I use to feel similarly, on how weather plays impact on our moods. But this is first time I’m finding it someone talking about.
    Usually, the beginning of summer is uplifting. It brings in joy, happiness, courage, optimism.
    As summer extends, it creates a different mood.
    Then when the rain sets in after several hot days, the depression sets in.
    Well,, in my city, now its very cloudy, but not raining, and it had set me in an aggressive anger mode. And i could notice the same in many people.

    Nice post. Thank you 🙂

  4. Sweater weather ❤❤❤ Winters have an eerie charm which makes it a very special season but sometimes, sun is needed in our lives. I can so feel this post though I live in a hot country (India)! Our Winters are also cold (obviously not as cold as England), but during those 3 months, it feels like we haven’t seen sun for ages!

    1. Whenever I’ve been to India-Punjab in the Winter it’s always been very cold and foggy, so I guess we all have it bad at some time! Thanks for stopping by Hasmeet, here’s hoping we have a short Winter and long Summer next year 🙂

  5. The weather in England has been particularly bad this year, but then I go on holiday and in 5 seconds I am sat in the shade muttering to myself “this is too hot for me…”

  6. Dear Small Town Girl – I appreciate your feeling but remind that most of the BEATLES’ songs on SUNSHINE were composed ay rainy days and rainy evenings. Why do you need SUNSHINING BIG CITIES like LISBON-a (Portugal)? It’s a waste.

  7. I am probably one of the only people that breathed a sigh of relief when it started raining again… *queue hate mail for ruining summer..*
    For me rain is a life giving tool. Everyone knows that water gives life, so it’s a good thing when it rains. Furthermore, we live in the UK, rain is in our blood (probably very literally) we need to get on with life and do that very British thing of just keeping going regardless.
    Also, my alternate motive for liking when it rains again is that I live to ski. When winter ends I am basically waiting for the next so I can ski again. Rain queues the end of summer and the drawing near of winter, therefore, I quite like it.
    I work in a semi-outdoor environment so rain doesn’t seem to bother us anyway. We are out doing our work rain, shine, snow or whatever. And given that I work in Stoke, that ‘whatever’ could be anything…

    Anyway, I like your writing and I intend to read more, thank you for the follow.

      1. There’s normally a positive side to most things, just depends on your perspective 🙂
        Now you can view rain with a lots less sceptical opinion. Especially useful now we’re in Autumn and heading to winter.
        Very excited about winter…

  8. I’m in my p.j’s, reading your post while it buckets with rain outside herein Vancouver. For now, I welcome an excuse to hibernate indoors but knowing that this is the beginning of many months of rain ahead I know the mood won’t last!

    1. Oh yeah you definitely understand my pain if you’re in Vancouver! I’m glad that we don’t have the snow to worry about at least here. Hopefully Winter will be short this year Emily, for both our sakes!

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