20 thoughts on “Leo Tolstoy Quote

  1. Yes, because someone has to be there to slap some sense into the man when he’s about to do something stupid. πŸ™‚

    Trust me. There are many times I’ve wished that I had an intelligent woman by my side to keep me from my stupidity. πŸ˜‰

  2. Unfortunately, I think intelligent women are often wasted on dull men. Any man who bases the worth of what his girlfriend/wife/any female says on their gender doesn’t deserve an intelligent woman. They deserve a rock, or a potato, or something less valuable haha. That being said, smart women should never settle for men who don’t value them as equals.

    My girlfriend makes me better, sharper, wiser, smarter. If I ignored her advice whenever it conflicted with my own ideas, I don’t know where I would be (nowhere good, that’s for sure!).

  3. Sure, less intelligent women will be much easier to lead to the bedroom, and much easier to leave once the activities of the bedroom are finished; but intelligent women will argue with him and correct him when he doesn’t want to be corrected, refuse to stand anywhere less than on par with him, and not only teach him how to conversate but how to love, not just how to fornicate. This is written by unknown female writer.

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