Bubble of Joy

Call it a direct effect of the lovely, summery weather, but yesterday I noticed that in general central Londoners seemed a lot happier!

Considering London is notorious for having a population of rude snobs, somehow I managed to pass three people on my way to work who were smiling to themselves as they were walking. And it wasn’t in a creepy way, it was in a genuinely happy way!

There’s something oddly endearing about seeing a person smiling to themselves and I found myself inventing scenarios in my head for what could have made them so contented. The twenty-something-year-old must’ve be on her way to meet a new guy she’s dating; the middle aged man must’ve just got a call from his wife saying that their son spoke his first word a few minutes ago. Yeah I have an over active imagination, I know!

Strangely, seeing someone else walking around in their own little bubble of joy gives you the urge to smile too, it’s contagious! And it made me think of times when I too have been wrapped up in my own little world after getting a nice text or call from someone. Things like that can make your day and even though they may seem insignificant to the average Joe, you can’t actually wipe the grin off of your face in that moment.

And you’ll find that when you’re in such a state of elation sometimes people will smile back at you and join you in your bubble of joy. Other times however, they’ll look at you like you’re insane, as if you’ve just broken loose from a mental asylum! At the end of the day though, it’s nice to know that sometimes we just can’t contain our happiness even if we may try to and so every now and then the world truly seems like a bright and cheerful place 😀

12 thoughts on “Bubble of Joy

  1. Ah, the sun came out! Nothing puts a smile on people’s faces quite like sunshine. We don’t like to admit it, but our dispositions tend to reflect the weather.

  2. I’ve visited the UK quite a few times before and have noticed the huge contrast between being in public in Canada vs. England. Here, people are overly friendly (for the most part). Over there it seems as though everyone is in their own “zone” of being off-standish and very serious. Whenever I did strike up a conversation with a stranger (asking for directions or something of the sort) they would usually snap out of their stone-faced demeanour and be quite friendly. Perhaps it’s just a defence mechanism for not being mugged or harassed in the streets? Another thing I noticed is the fast pace of life there! Everyone walks so fast and always seems like they needed to be somewhere five minutes ago! Regardless, London is still one of my favourite places in the world. ❤️

    1. I can’t really refute anything that you’ve said! Londoners are very outwardly tough and fast-paced, they always seem to be running late for something! But I have to say that I love the buzz of London and it’s true that once you strike up conversation, people snap out of their bitter demeanours and actually seem approachable and nice all of a sudden! It is a defence mechanism I guess, plus you can’t forget the well-known British stiff upper lip, awkward image that we hold haha, some of us take that more seriously than others! Thanks for your comment Amrita 🙂

  3. I still want to experience London one day. I’ve heard many times that the ppl are rude and standoffish but I grew up in Massachusetts. They aren’t overly friendly there either but I still love it! ☺️ Glad the sun brought happiness to your world today!

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