No More Groundhog Day

I think life has a way of repeating certain patterns until the penny drops and we finally learn our lesson. You know, the lesson that will break the chain and set us free from a cycle that seems familiar and comfortable, but in reality is suffocating us.

However, that moment only comes when we’re truly ready.

Whatever it is that keeps happening to us in different ways is a subtle way of the universe telling us that we need to look in the mirror, identify what our problem area is, and resolve it in order to finally get what we deserve and move forward in our lives.

I think that by unconsciously repeating the past, we hope to master our pain and come up with an alternative ending, the ending that we believe we deserve; but things rarely work out that way. In the end we’re almost always faced with the exact same result: the one of disappointment.

So, from now on we need to switch our brains into gear. No more self-sabotaging! We need to make a conscious effort to set aside some time for a bit of much needed introspection. We need to use hindsight to learn from our mistakes and make wiser, better informed decisions from here on out. Who’s with me?!

2 thoughts on “No More Groundhog Day

  1. I think this is true to an extent but think the real enemy is not repeating the past but the fixed personality you have which leads you to go down the same roads. Merely trying to make different decisions won’t work – I’ve seen people move whole continents , jobs and lifestyles to escape ‘toxic’ patterns but – guess what? – those same patterns occur in their new circumstances. In order to escape such behaviours, you need to truly understand who you are, accept it, and then put in active strategies to counter those aspects you no longer desire. it’s an act of will and is hard work – but eventually such acts turn into habits and, one day, genuinely part of your personality. I speak from looooong experience! 😀

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