Another One Bites The Dust

They tell you what they know you want to hear,
Assign terms of affection like “babe” “hun” “dear”.
They’re quick to promise you the world,
Assure you that you’re their number one girl.
Make future plans and talk about settling down,
Make you feel like a queen without the crown.
But you need to know they don’t value those words they speak,
May appear strong and full of conviction, but really they’re weak.
It’s just a facade, they’re all about the chase,
Focusing on the present, prioritising their own space.
They utter words that are baseless and hollow,
So judge them by their actions and think twice before you follow.
Because once they’ve crossed the line, they start to pull away,
As it was never their intention to make this work and stay.
Not for the long run anyway, they still have too much life to live,
All talk with nothing meaningful to give.
Call you their girlfriend and take you on date after date,
But panic when you fall for them and start to reciprocate.
You deserve someone honest, someone as strong as you are,
Don’t settle for a little boy, girl you raise that bar.
Those childish games are tired, but right now that’s all they know,
Still need another decade or so to gain some sense and grow.
But don’t wait around, it’s not your job to fix them, you just do you,
And never ever ignore those red flags, or else you’ll be left feeling blue.
When all is said and done it’s clear that he was a boy, not a man,
Better things are coming your way my friend, have faith and trust in God’s plan.

7 thoughts on “Another One Bites The Dust

  1. I love this piece of writing,
    1. Because what you have said is extremely true and eye opening
    2. Because I love the subtle rhyming engraved in it. Rhyming is nowadays poorly and rarely used in poems but it is a very effective technique to be used.
    Good luck

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