Fix Up


Sisters, friends, cousins, dad, mum, 

Her judgement applies to all of them, it only spares one.

And that’s herself, that finger will never point her way,

As she sits on a pedestal, with so much to say.

So and so has piled on the pounds, another is seeking validity on Instagram,

One needs counselling, while another’s marriage is a sham. 

She analyses everyone as if she’s whiter than white,

All the while never letting on that she’s the one who’s torn up inside.

Unhappy with her own life choices she’s turned bitter over the years,

By day criticising the world, by night fighting back tears.

Because she’s built up a wall and it’ll take a lot to break down,

Once wore a beaming smile, now permanently donning a frown.

But this negative aura of hers needs to go, she needs to start showing kindness and care,

Or else she’ll wake up one day to find that nobody is there. 

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