Mi Sobrino


That faint dimple in your left cheek that only makes an appearance when you’re either bursting with happiness or being cheeky.

That floppy, shiny head of hair that always seems to look professionally styled, regardless of how much you jump around.

That tiny little button nose that’s turned up ever so slightly at the tip.

Those big saucer-like eyes that beam with curiosity and mischief.

Those long eyelashes that we can only admire when you’re fast asleep.

Those teeny tiny baby teeth that gleam just before you wickedly sink your teeth into my skin!

That compact body that seems capable of twisting, turning and wriggling into any shape.

That angelic voice that can switch to a high-pitched scream at the drop of a hat.

Those tight hugs and sloppy kisses that you reserve just for me.

The warm touch of your clammy little hand when you want me to follow you.

These are the reasons why you’re my number one.

I’ve got your back for life kid, that’s a promise. ❤

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