What To Do?

Everyone says that when you reach a crossroads and don’t know which way to turn, you should talk to your friends, you should close your eyes and follow your heart like the protagonist in a Disney film, or you should draw up a list of pros and cons for each potential option.

But what if your friends just don’t get it. What if you’re far too practical to follow your heart. And what if after drawing up that list of pros and cons you’re still just as confused as you were before picking up that pen and paper?! Because how does the list help in any way, it just reconfirms what I already know! Duh!

I need more than these run of the mill solutions. I need a magical fairy godmother to appear in front of me and provide me with a glimpse into a parallel universe in which the two scenarios are honestly and accurately played out in front of my eyes, allowing me to make a well informed decision, you know, Sliding Doors style.

No? Too far fetched? Ok fine at least just give me a sign, somebody tell me what to do because I sure as hell don’t know. And I fear that all this head scratching will leave me with a bloody scalp!

8 thoughts on “What To Do?

  1. Hey Sharan,

    I’m going to try and answer your question in three ways.

    1. Honestly; I don’t know what you can do. I’m not privy to your situation. And you’re the best judge of what consequences your actions will have.

    2. Realistically; writing down your options is a good way to go. That should give you some clarity. If you’re still confused, remember that it’s best to play it safe. You don’t have to change the status quo. Keep your head down and stay grounded.

    3. Idealistically; you’re young and you don’t have as much weighing you down as you would later. Plus, time is on your side. Don’t just follow your dreams, actively work towards creating them. Remember: no risk, no reward.

    And there you have it. What excites, scares, challenges, and ultimately helps you grow is the way forward. But bear in mind, whatever it is you decide to do, do it well.

    I wish you the best with your choice! Also, I wrote about you on my latest blog. Have a read, I’m sure you’ll like it.

    – Karan

    1. Hi Karan, thanks so much for taking time out to help with my predicament! I 100% agree with you when you say, “no risk, no reward.” I just hope that my risk pays off. Also I’m so honoured to be mentioned in your latest blog, your comments are lovely and I’ll be sure to start churning out regular posts as soon as I get some inspiration lol 🙂

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