I Don’t Want A Lot For Christmas…

It’s the 1st of December folks and you know what that means, Christmas is officially a-coming!

Now in spite of the fact that the festive season is one of my favourite times of the year, I am also without a shadow of doubt, one of those people who likes to keep Christmas firmly within the month of December.

Call me a Grinch if you will, but any talks of putting up trees, or buying gifts, or blasting Christmas songs in October/November fall on deaf ears with me, I’m just not here for it [shrugs shoulders]. It’s about as logical as celebrating your birthday two months in advance, you don’t do that, so why change the rules for Christmas?! Any way, in spite of all that, like I said, I do always look forward to this time of year.

The biting cold (which I also love to complain about), the darkness illuminated by beaming fairy lights, the excuse to bundle up and wear layer upon layer, the satisfaction from drinking calorie-ridden hot chocolates, the ability to binge watch Christmas movies whilst lying in your comfy clothes and piling on the pounds…what’s not to love?!

Overall, for me, the festive season is all about being with loved ones and taking the time to appreciate one another. It’s the only time of year when we all get an excuse to abandon work and be at home together instead.

I can’t say that the thought of receiving any gifts even moderately appeals to me as much as the idea of sitting with my sister in our onesies and watching back to back episodes of this year’s box set of choice by the light of the Christmas tree. 😀

However, I am massively excited to start accumulating gifts for my nearest and dearest. I love to buy them all little, but meaningful, presents that I know they’ll actually use/appreciate. As cringeworthy as it sounds, I love to watch their faces light up when they open them on Christmas day. And hand on my heart, I would not care if they didn’t buy me anything in return, because that feeling is more than enough for me. #soppygit

But I also like to take some time to think of those who aren’t as fortunate as me around this time of year. When you don’t have a support network, Christmas is far from exciting, it’s lonely. Having experienced a loss in the family just before Christmas a few years back, I understand how isolating it can feel when everyone around you is rejoicing and you’re stuck in a state of misery; I wouldn’t wish that feeling upon anyone.

So if you’re one of the lucky ones this year, do remember to count your blessings while you’re counting gifts (and calories!), and if you’re one of the not so fortunate ones, stay strong, I’ll be thinking of you buddy.

I’m also excited to be around for my niece’s first proper Christmas where she’ll actually be an active participant in the day, rather than a little blob tucked up in a Moses basket like last year!

So like I said, lots to be thankful for, enjoy the month of festivities everyone. 🙂

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