Twenty-Two (ooh ooh)

So Small Town Girl, what’s new with you? Well dear reader, I just turned 22! Taylor Swift says I’ll feel ‘happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way’, But such emotions sum up your early twenties in general, wouldn’t you say? In these golden years we can make crazy impulsive choices; we’re young, wild … More Twenty-Two (ooh ooh)

Growing Up

I guess it was inevitable. After leaving university and almost immediately securing steady 9-5 jobs, a few of my friends have already begun to mosey on down those paths sign-posted: ‘settle down’, ‘marriage’ and ‘time to get serious’, and honestly I’m happy for them. Each of them has a well-thought-out life plan and they know exactly what they want both … More Growing Up

Just Another Crazy Night

An immense venue dons a thick, heavy cloak of darkness, Hundreds of sweaty bodies are pushed and squeezed together inside, Multi-coloured strobe flashlights illuminate the setting, Synchronised intricately with the baseline of the deafening music, Drinks spill, glasses smash, and valuables lie scattered across the sticky floor, The speakers vibrate and boom all night long, … More Just Another Crazy Night