Just Another Crazy Night

An immense venue dons a thick, heavy cloak of darkness,

Hundreds of sweaty bodies are pushed and squeezed together inside,

Multi-coloured strobe flashlights illuminate the setting,

Synchronised intricately with the baseline of the deafening music,

Drinks spill, glasses smash, and valuables lie scattered across the sticky floor,

The speakers vibrate and boom all night long,

Girls and boys stagger and sway up and down the looming steps,

Falling in love, falling in lust,

They dance frivolously as if all stresses and tensions have expired and nothing exists outside of these 4 walls,

Every song is their favourite song,

Because there is no tomorrow!

Tonight is a necessary break from reality!

Socialising and striking up conversations with random people is commonplace,

As alcohol streams from the bar all night long,

Perfumes, colognes, aftershaves culminate and mix in the humidity,

Lines of bodies queuing up for the toilets,

Some cannot contain themselves, violently spilling their guts out onto the sticky carpet in front of a sea of delirious witnesses,

Time’s up! Out of the club!

The bouncers arrive to fulfill their duty and escort them off of the premises!

In the cold wasteland that exists outside of the club, the streetlights expose the real world, the place that they tried to escape,

Nothing to do but stagger to a 24 hour kebab shop in 6 inch heels,

Just another crazy night!

2 thoughts on “Just Another Crazy Night

  1. Hi Sharan, Thanks for stopping by at https://gettingrecognised.wordpress.com/ and signing up as a follower. I like your creative literary style. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Have to say however that the idea of spilling up the contents of my guts on the dance floor these days is not what I would regard as a good night out. Me way too old for clubbing but not so old I don’t remember those days. 🙂

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