A Star Plus Epidemic

Every day in my household at precisely 7pm just like clockwork my mum enters the dining room. She proceeds to scan the entire room until she finds the object of her desire… her ‘precious’, aka the Sky remote control. Following her successful acquisition of the prized object, she frantically presses the three digits that I … More A Star Plus Epidemic

Facebook Rhyming Rant

Often when I click on my News Feed page, To see what my Facebook friends have to say, I’m swamped with statuses and photos that make me let out a sigh, And question why would you post that? Why oh why?! Attention-seeking statuses about going for job interviews, Or a photo bragging that somebody’s boyfriend … More Facebook Rhyming Rant

Surviving London

People say that it’s impossible to drive a vehicle in the central headquarters of the city of London, But try being a mere street walker, I guarantee you’ll be met with an equal share of hardships. Thus, I propose that every native Londoner, commuter and tourist follow my three tips to obtain their unofficial pedestrian’s … More Surviving London