Don’t Panic, It’s Only A Pandemic

I’m not usually one to worry or stress, but considering the word “pandemic” is basically just “panic” with a few extra letters thrown in for good measure, it’s hard not to feel a bit on edge right now.

It’s the uncertainty that’s scary.

I’ve been instructed to work from home “for the foreseeable future.” But what does that mean? A week? Two weeks? A month? I have no idea, my company has no idea, and Boris sure as hell has no idea! I’ve heard through the grapevine that the situation in the UK is expected to escalate in the next month. So I guess it’ll just be a case of sitting tight and seeing what happens for a while.

It feels a bit like we’re living in a Black Mirror episode. Empty streets, forlorn faces; there’s an eerie atmosphere everywhere you go.

“Coronavirus” has become a serious contender for most headache-inducing word, it might even outdo “Brexit” by the end of the week!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed right now. A million things are running through our minds, like: What if we run out of food? What if I lose my job? Will my grandparents be ok? What will I do if my kid’s school closes? Will I still be able to go on that holiday I booked? WHERE DO I GET MORE TOILET ROLL FROM?!

Amidst all of these debilitating thoughts and the inescapable scare-mongering, the one thing we can all do is breathe. Whenever you feel yourself getting anxious, find a quiet space and take a few deep breaths.

Whatever this nightmare is, we’ll all get through it together.

So keep breathing and also don’t forget your humanity along the way…like I said, we’re all in this together. Instead of letting greed and ego get the better of us, let’s remember that we’re all in the same boat here. Let’s be each other’s support system during these uncertain times. Stay safe dear reader. ❤

4 thoughts on “Don’t Panic, It’s Only A Pandemic

  1. Yes its a disturbing question, will we as humans survive this virus, whatever happens my friend, as long as theres breathe in my body, i will be here for you. we have never met and probably never will meet, but I really mean that, im here for you my lovely friend.

  2. Most likely your schools will close…mental preparation is a good thing. Yesterday was our first day of school closure, and I have been overwhelmed by the amount of free resources available online for kids, and suggestions! Looking at the countries a couple weeks ahead helped us prepare mentally. I still can’t wrap my mind around it- you are right about it feeling like an episode of Black Mirror!

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