How did we get here? We’re on a path of gloom

Avoiding me, sitting there alone in a dark room

I don’t need you to tell me what’s wrong, I can read you like a book

All it takes is one glance, I can tell from that look

You’re in pain, it’s in your eyes, it’s in your weakened smile

The niece and nephew come round and distract you for a while

But once they leave, you’re back to being the girl who’s alone in a full house

Locking yourself away, as quiet as a mouse

And the worst thing of all, is that I’m the cause of your pain

Ever since I told you, things haven’t been the same

It’s like there’s a countdown on you now, for that I’m so sorry, I hope you know

I hate being the one who delivered that blow

Circumstances are unfortunate, none of us imagined it would work out this way

But when life gives you lemons, what do you say?

You make lemonade, get on with things, adapt and adjust

I’m trying my hardest to make this as easy as I can for you, it’s just…

You’re like a raincloud in the house now, you don’t realise how much your mood is affecting me

Whenever I start to get excited, my bubble bursts and your face is all I can see

But you’re my big sister, I never ever want to be the reason for your tears

I’ve looked up to you and sought your approval for so many years

What’s happening now though, I know it was meant to be

I hope soon you’ll understand that and be able to see

That I never have and never will be your enemy, just your little sister here, trying to find her way

And I know you are too, that’s why I pray

That you’ll find the strength to get through this and rise up like the boss I know you are

And you’ll be able to be happy with me, without this whole thing being so bizarre!

But until that day comes, I’ll continue to feel incomplete

Because as happy as I am, it’s still bittersweet.

11 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. The night where the path is unclear is always followed by a day where the sun shines so bright we can see the clear path well over the horizon. Hope you feel better and the sun shines its bright rays

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