To Think Or To Overthink, That Is The Question

Sometimes I wonder, whenever I curse myself and lament the annoying tendency that I have to “overthink”, have I actually been overthinking, or have I simply been thinking

Rarely are my thoughts ever obsessive or irrational (well at least they don’t appear to be in my mind!). They don’t really stress me out and there’s always an explanation as to why they’ve been triggered, they don’t just appear out of thin air, which in my eyes, makes them rational.

It’s more out of curiosity.

Does challenging the status quo by asking the question “why?” really make me an overthinker?

Often enough the concerns that arise from said thoughts of mine can be resolved quite quickly and easily.

So again I ask, is it really overthinking or is it simply “thinking”?

14 thoughts on “To Think Or To Overthink, That Is The Question

  1. It sounds like thinking to me, believe me! Overthinking is what I do- via OCD! I’d love to have your thinking! 😂. Do what feels right to you, seems to be working for you 😄💙

  2. girl this is golden, I have never looked at it this way. I think if you are causing yourself pain and suffering over lots of things that are happening or maybe not even happening, in your life, then maybe it’s overthinking for sure. But to simply put thought into your days and what pops up in your mind, doesn’t mean you are an over thinker. It just means we have some depth to our thought process. We go deeper than the average person. I think it can be a good thing and sometimes a bad thing lol

  3. I’ll go with thinking, we rarely use our brains though so anytime you think think like think, it’s rusty and it screams am being “over” used 😅

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