Kids Say The Darndest Things

When the mind boggling infuriation of dealing with adults gets too much, sometimes the only cure is a quick conversation with a five year old. Random, disjointed, guileless and adorably sincere are the best ways to describe the chats that I have with my nephew.

Over the space of about six minutes today we had some serious debates: what do you call the bit of skin between your nose and lips? Why do people live in flats? Do fires have mouths? Is rain really wee? And what’s the difference between a lizard and a chameleon?

Did I have the perfect answer to each of his questions? Of course not! If anyone overheard us they’d definitely laugh at my poor efforts to enlighten this small child with big saucer-like eyes, seeking knowledge from his seemingly adult Auntie who was trying and failing to keep a straight face for the entirety of the discussion.

But as much as I struggled to come up with answers to a lot of his questions, I would welcome such curveball queries any day of the week over having to deal with immature souls trapped in big people’s bodies, riddled with even bigger issues that are far beyond my powers of healing and way beyond my realm of comprehension and patience. #SorryNotSorry

10 thoughts on “Kids Say The Darndest Things

  1. What I look forward to when speaking to my nieces and nephews is the innocence. The curiosity that they have makes you miss that little bubble when dealing with the real world. Great post! Much needed smile after a long day.

  2. Lol I understand your reasoning. My automatic reaction to similar such questions is to reach for the phone and ask Google! I often find myself asking questions like these all for myself – no little children needed! 😀

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