Bienvenido A 2018

The clock’s struck 12 and 2017 is officially done,

As we recollect our year’s worth of memories, would we say we’ve lost or won?

Well I can safely say that we’ve all had our share of ups and downs,

Laughter and smiles mixed with tears and frowns.

Because such is the nature of life, all we can count on is change,

Consistency is what we crave but it’s also very strange.

Because change signals growth, and so that’s what we should really strive for,

Not to stay in the same spot but to reach new heights, to achieve more.

So that’s what I wish for you dear reader, that the coming year brings more for you,

Greater health, renewed hope, stronger bonds and pastures new.

Don’t settle for less than you envision and try to get out of your comfort zone,

Make more time for your nearest and dearest, plan a road trip, pick up the phone!

Appreciate what you’ve got and welcome in more positivity,

Focus on the good and shut the door on negativity.

From the bottom of my heart I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year,

But for now enjoy the celebrations and make the most of the festive cheer. 😀

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