Writings On The Plane

It’s the middle of the night and here I am in seat 15K, one of the many window seats of an Emirates plane heading from Bali to Doha. It’s been about two hours since we took off I think, only six/seven more to go!

I rarely ever sleep on flights, usually opt to amuse myself by watching a marathon of nonsensical rom-coms until my eyes are red and twitching. But tonight is different; I can feel my creative juices flowing. I’m not in the mood to watch 50 First Dates, and so I end up clicking on a couple of TED talks instead, one on vulnerability and the other on the power of smiling. And now I’m sitting here filled with all of this new-found knowledge, aimlessly twiddling my thumbs and looking around at my fellow passengers. Necks flopped and awkwardly reclined in their seats, they’re completely oblivious to how awake and restless I feel!

I can hear the faint sound of a baby crying towards the back end of the plane, somewhere around row thirty I think (thank God!). An old man is having a stop-start snore-a-thon behind me, and every so often some half asleep figure potters past me to use the toilet before returning to their slumber.

Nothing else to do but stare out of the window at the vast backdrop of nothingness I guess. But as I reluctantly push up the shutter I’m very pleasantly surprised: stars! It’s like millions of tiny white dots have been superimposed on to a huge black sheet. 

And it gets me thinking. I’m not entirely sure what about, but my mind just feels like it’s been let loose, it’s racing, like I’ve suddenly got so much to mull over. I guess this is how I’ll be spending the next six/seven hours then! But combine an overactive mind with a view like the one I currently have, and I can’t say that I’m complaining. 😀

13 thoughts on “Writings On The Plane

  1. Awesome post! Even cooler that it’s from an airplane! Good stuff! You’ve got my follow. Check out my comedy blog and give it a follow if you like it!

  2. If I was your place, I would be counting the seconds!
    Don’t hate flying that much but really hate the crap before boarding the plane, although stars and a nights sky would trigger a good mood so on that count I am jealous

    Now I have to contemplate the nature of mashed potato and non-communicating family… Which given my comms record shouldn’t be a surprise!!

  3. Hey! Hope you don’t think I’m stalking you! (In fact I am). I’m a fan, seriously. Now let me just read all your work and enjoy my evening. And also I love how you describe an event which isn’t all fancy. You know what I mean? You find a story in everything and that’s a gift. 😊

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