Vaisakhi is an annual religious festival which holds immense importance within the Sikh calendar. Every year around the 13th April, Sikhs all over the globe come together to celebrate Vaisakhi in order to commemorate the official birth of the Khalsa panth (the Sikh community) led by Guru Gobind Singh Ji in 1699.

The day of Vaisakhi is full of colour, festivities and brings with it a strong sense of community. Gurdwaras (temples) are adorned with decorations and Nagar Kirtan processions take place in various towns and cities. People dress up to the nines in vibrant outfits, making sure to cover their heads as the processions are led through the streets by the local Panj Pyare (five initiated Sikhs). Typically, one can expect to witness the singing of hymns and the offering of langar (free food and drink) to participants in the festival. And of course everybody is welcome to join the parade, regardless of race or religion, it’s the optimum time for unity.

6 thoughts on “Vaisakhi

  1. Nice to read about Vaisakhi but I was under the impression that the Sikh New Year started at a different time (possibly the month Chet according to the Sikh Nanakshahi calendar) not on Vaisakhi. I may be wrong though 😀

    1. Thanks for your comment Amarjit! Yes, you’re right the Sikh new year officially begins the month before Vaisakhi in March/Chet. Hence why I was careful not to say that Vaisakhi is actually the start of our new year, it’s more of an excuse to celebrate the new beginning (if that makes sense!).

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