Unlikely Friendships

Isn’t it funny how we can find ourselves hitting it off with the most random types of people. I mean people who are from polar opposite walks of life to us, who are so dissimilar to us in every way imaginable. But for some bizarre, incomprehensible reason we find ourselves being drawn to them; we understand them and they understand us. It could be owing to a shared sense of humour, or a similar cultural background, or even a coinciding set of unfortunate circumstances undergone etc., etc. And yet, whatever the common link may be, it’s near enough impossible to ever anticipate such an effortless bond being forged out of something so seemingly insignificant, because on paper such a friendship would NEVER work. However in practice, it does, it really does!
I guess that’s the beauty of getting out of your comfort zone every once in a while, you never know what hidden gems you’ll discover and what lifelong bonds you’ll unearth. 😊

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