Feeling Inspired

It’s five o’clock in the evening and I’m in my patchwork pyjamas, sitting comfortably on a wooden deck chair with a firm pillow lodged behind my back. I’m situated on a porch just outside the bungalow which I’ll be calling home for the next week. The temperature dial tells me that it’s currently 28 degrees Celsius and my hair tells me that humidity levels are high! A sturdy shelter above my head, a cup of steaming hot tea to my right and pouring torrential rain just inches away from my flip flops. The sky is grey and thunder is booming in the distance. I can just about make out the deserted beach to my left and the waves rolling up, down, back and forth. Not a single soul in sight and nothing but the sound of the rain and crashing waves to occupy my ears. Feet up on the coffee table I take a long deep breath and think to myself, this is what it feels like to be truly relaxed. 😊

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