Just A Boy

You’re keen one minute, a ghost the next,
Drunk calling at 3am, but still ignoring my last text.
Sending me snaps 24/7 when you’re away,
Seriously dude, are you feeling okay?!

I told you my intentions and you said that you agreed,
Said you were more than happy to take it slow, whatever I need.
Then suddenly you disappeared, you were nowhere in sight,
The idea of commitment clearly gave you a fright!

Now from time to time you reappear which is tiresome at best,
Because the moment has passed: please give it a rest.
Mixed signals are not my thing, surely you can respect that,
So go on vamoose, skedaddle, be gone… scat!

Randomly popping up and reminding me of your existence,
Is futile to say the least; just keep your distance.
I refuse to be your ego boost when you’re feeling lonely/bored,
Funnily enough I don’t respond well to being ignored.

So I’ve deleted your number, now I beg you do the same,
Let’s try to keep this civil, there’s no need to pass blame.
We’re just very different people; you do you, I’ll do me.
Let’s draw a line under this chapter, there’s nothing left to see.

But please learn from this experience: be honest with the next lady,
Be clear about what you want, don’t be so damn fickle and shady!
You can’t just pick us up/put us down on a whim, no woman is your toy,
Then again maybe I’m asking too much, after all, you’re just a boy. :/

30 thoughts on “Just A Boy

  1. The following quote just came up on my FB: “Life is too short to argue with stupid people.”
    Sort of reflects your post (btw, cool poem!). We shouldn’t waste our time on people who play games and don’t genuinely care about us …

    1. I gotta chime in…lol why yall girls always fall for boys and get hurt. but when a man comes along yall are too battered to step up your game with a man. Hey after all your just a girl right…. A woman wouldn’t deal with that

      1. You’re right it does work both ways, a lot of times men are let down by girls who can’t step up to the plate. I’m just giving the female perspective because that’s the one I know best lol

  2. Omg I couldn’t count how many times I been through situations like this. I love this post! You put everything together well and it’s easy to relate to.

  3. I love the fact that this is end rhyme and I didn’t even catch it till the second stanza! That’s great rhyme right there! Haha. After reading the comments before me it’s clear that I’m not the only one who’s experienced someone “ghosting”. Its a learning experience, you’ll know better for the next time and in the meantime, write some great stuff. 😉 Great poem, thanks for sharing!

    1. Haha thanks for noticing the rhyme Marie 😛 unfortunately yes, most of us are a little too familiar with the ghosting game! But you’re right, it’s definitely a learning experience and you come out all the more wiser for it. Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it. 🙂

  4. Damn this is so true , Always making sure you won’t forget about their existence and always not there..

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