We Don’t Talk Anymore

We don’t talk anymore

not like we used to before

‘friends forever’? i’m not so sure

calling and texting has become a chore

catching up and making plans is a bore

a change for the worst and i can’t find a cure

so what exactly was all of it for?

six years down the drain and yet you’re

unfazed, not bothered, just walked out the door

i’ve tried to reach out but you just ignore

like we’re on opposing teams, enemies at war

is it too late to fix our broken rapport?

will these severed ties of ours ever be restored?

I honestly don’t know.

25 thoughts on “We Don’t Talk Anymore

  1. This is about 2 friends who are not talking to each other, or about a daughter and her mother not on talking terms ?
    Its quite sad when you used to spend hours with one friend, texting, calling, meeting, enjoying and then one day, a small mistake, cracks up the entire relationship and you wonder WHY?

    1. As much as it sucks at the time, ultimately that’s just a part of life I guess. Sometimes the people you envision as being a part of your story are only meant to be a chapter. Thanks for your comment Cattie 🙂

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