Modern Dating

These days it’s all about the chase,

The chase and the perfect poker face.

We all know the game,

The rules never change.

Like a match of chess,

But this causes more stress!

We act like we’re unavailable; so mysterious,

Keeping them guessing, keeping them curious.

Trying to play it cool,

So as not to look the fool.

Never communicating what we really want to say,

Never responding to messages straight away.

And we need options, can’t be talking to just one,

Monogamy is tough and commitment is no fun!

So we don’t get in too deep,

We’re afraid to take that leap.

We don’t say that we care,

Why over-share?

It’ll blow up in our face,

So we remember our place.

We hold back,

Trying to suss out if they’re fiction or fact.

Either way we know how to protect our hearts,

For years now we’ve been masters of that art.

And yet we all tire from this new-age style of courting,

And quite rightly so, frankly it’s exhausting!

It’s far too brain-boggling and over-the-top,

So let’s all do ourselves a favour and just STOP.

Let’s say what we mean and mean what we say,

And maybe we’ll be happier at the end of the day!

36 thoughts on “Modern Dating

  1. Ever since that “TINDER” hit this world, I have been raging inside, on how to stop these people doing such meaningless acts of dating and encouraging one night stands and live in relationship instead of Living with Pride and Committment.

  2. Ever since Tinder popped up on the Dating Apps scene in 2012, people have been going crazy over the concept of being able to find someone hot nearby in less than twenty seconds.
    If you’re looking for a serious relationship, please sign up in a reputed match making website which has a paid membership. If you’re looking for a cheap hookup….go to the bar!
    Tinder is designed to play off your brain’s internal chemistry and get you permanently hooked, according to experts—which is why it’s nearly impossible to quit.
    It works like this: Every time a player kills a monster or collects gold, he or she feels a hit of pleasure. The user will thus repeat that action over and over again to experience that feeling.

    Tinder is designed much the same way, except instead of collecting gold you collect matches. The more matches you rack up, the better you feel.

    1. Very well put, but that instant feeling of pleasure quickly fades and no matter how many matches you may accumulate, you still come away feeling unsatisfied…you’re right, it’s a vicious cycle! Thanks for stopping by Cattie 🙂

  3. Just as a beggar must open his hands to others to see them filled money, Just as a scholar must open his mind to have it filled ideas, so to the lover must be open his heart to see it filled. Problem is people have closed their hearts, content to let people knock on it, yet never open it, never allow them a place to reside in a place to call home. Yet as time goes on they find fewer and fewer knocks, till one t they find the they have ceased. The fact is people today simply don’t like making sacrifice or doing their duty, they no longer have the bravery or conviction to say that I swear loyalty to this person above all others and choose to let go of others. We live in a world of far too much choice where people’s affections are like products to be used and disregarded like any other good.

    1. I completely agree with everything that you said, people have way too many options these days, hence why commitment is such a scary and overwhelming concept to grasp! I think that time and open-mindedness are the ways forward, thanks for stopping by 😀

  4. Maths, money, photography, art, writing, navigating social minefields, mastering computer game formats, running a flat and managing two (hopefully three) jobs at once and appearing less screwed up in public…
    But dating and romance, can’t even begin to get it right!!

    Atleast my cactus gets me, and when they have civil partnerships with house plants there will be a lot of singles like me marrying cactus to reduce inheritance tax when it’s all we leave behind!!

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