A Dangerous Woman

My mind is twisted, I’m hard to read
I only reveal what I want you to see.
An enigma, a conundrum, a puzzle and riddle
Some swear I’m faithful, others call me fickle.
My nature is ever-changing, I have no control
My heart is unobtainable and so is my soul.

But that’s what draws them in, they’re fascinated by me
Even when I assure them I’m not their cup of tea.
Addicted to the uncertainty, what will I do next?
‘Good girls’ are boring, I’m much more complex.

I’ll only break your heart, I warn them every time
They don’t take me seriously, “whatever, that’s fine”.
Yet when I ditch them and leave they’re far from okay
Egos bruised, they never liked me any way.

But in the middle of the night guess whose phone’s blowing up?
Drunk texts from the guy who didn’t care too much.
I pay him no heed, refuse to be tied down
As soon as you get attached you won’t see me around.

Because I told you I was different, don’t fit in any box
On the surface sweet as pie and yet impossible to outfox.
I’m dangerous, deadly, a case that hasn’t been solved
And if you know what’s good for you, you won’t get involved.

19 thoughts on “A Dangerous Woman

  1. She was heaven’s edge in a look of her eye
    Victims screamed and equally pined
    A field of heart shaped graves misted with a single sigh
    So the next one doesn’t see thier end is nigh

    Sounds like my kind of women, except I could so easily throw back ten fold!
    Epic beyound epic grade write, major cool

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