So I realised that I haven’t blogged in a while. Am I suffering from a severe case of writer’s block? Hmm I don’t think so. The issue is more to do with the fact that I’m lacking in inspiration.

Even when I do manage to muster an ounce of hope and excitement I’ll turn on the News and BAM it’s gone again. But my friends assure me that I’m not alone in feeling this way. It’s as if the entire world is in a state of uncertainty, we’re all sitting on the edges of our seats biting our nails and wondering: what will happen next?

Every morning we’re waking up to reports of another major terrorist attack, racial discrimination is intensifying day by day, and although police brutality in the US is finally being acknowledged, it’s still being accepted as the norm. The likelihood of Donald Trump assuming presidency is leaving many people suffering with anxiety attacks; not to mention it feels as though the post-Brexit UK is weaker than ever, teamed with a new anti-Brexit PM whom the general public didn’t even ask for!

What is going on?! We all long to feel safe and secure but at the moment it feels like the world is crashing down around us and there’s nothing that we can do about it.

Perhaps you think that I’m being melodramatic, and that’s justified, maybe I am! But you have to understand that for most of my life it’s been relatively easy to remain clueless when it comes to current affairs. Since the beginning of this year however, obliviousness has just not been a viable option. Because even if you don’t pay attention to the News or read any papers, you’ll still overhear conversations about these topics at home between family members or at work between colleagues; reality can no longer be escaped! We’re all switched on, whether we like it or not. I know that when I hear my 21 year old airhead cousin (whose usual conversation concerns Kylie Jenner’s LipKit line) expressing her opinion on the failed coup in Turkey, that things must be really bad! :/

Now of course we could sit here and lament the poor state of the world all day, but let’s attempt to get out of this rut and put things into perspective. I guess the truth of the matter is that bad things happen, they always have and they always will, that’s life. All we can do as individuals is find a way to obtain peace of mind amid a crazy ever-changing world. We can’t allow our fear to consume us and stop us from doing what we want to do.

As long as we make a conscious effort to avoid being swallowed up by the misery that surrounds us, as long as we take a stand and fight for what we believe in, and as long as we try our best not to become desensitized to all of the tragedies that we’re hearing about, then maybe just maybe we’ll start to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel…

8 thoughts on “Armageddon?

  1. Oh, you’re not alone! I’ve really been struggling to find anything meaningful, and positive, to say. But we must soldier on, yes? If we wish to see a positive turn, it may be up to us to show the way.

  2. Mean-while, I have just brought some new light bulbs and find them incredibly inspiring. WIFI LIGHTBULBS ! What a time to be alive.
    as long as we can ignore all the other stuff 😛
    On a serious note though, I wonder if the world has always been this way, and that only now do we feel more connected to it as we can travel more, and get reports in more detail (images and video)

    1. Wow I had no idea that wifi lightbulbs even existed :O True, I think you may be on to something there, perhaps the more that we mature and broaden our horizons, the more our awareness sharpens and grows…

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