For My Cousin

Please, be you again.

Everything’s different in this new place I know

And I know that you feel like you don’t belong.

You’ve made so many attempts to adapt and blend in

You’ve got a new job, made new friends

All the while trying to maintain that infectiously upbeat attitude that you’ve always had

But you still miss everything that was once so familiar.

You miss your childhood friends, your house, your village, your old life

This new place is foreign

It rubs you the wrong way.

You turn a wrong corner and you’re lost for hours there

It’s not familiar: it’s not home.

And you’ve changed as a result.

You’ve become deflated.

Because nobody is on your side there

The people who you come home to are a poor excuse for family

They treat you as a burden upon them

They don’t understand your condition

And so they label you ‘crazy’ instead and take every opportunity to kick you when you’re down

It’s not fair.

That girl who was always so optimistic, laughing melodically at the drop of a hat

Now can’t seem to raise a smile.

That sadness has translated into a lack of appetite

And now you’re just skin and bones.

That dancing light in your eyes has been extinguished.

They’ve broken you down.

I wish we could take away your pain.

I wish we could be there to tell you everything will be ok

But we’re oceans away

And phone conversations will not suffice.

You don’t deserve any of this, you’re the best person I know

Naïve and innocent with a heart of pure gold.

So for now we need you to dig deep and find some strength.

Find the strength to fight

Find the strength to stand tall

Find the strength to be your own support system

Show them all that you are indestructible

And that you’re much greater than they may tell you.

No matter how many times they push you down

You’ll always get back up with that massive toothy grin plastered across your face

You’ll be that lovable, outgoing person who we all care about so much again

You’ll be you again.

9 thoughts on “For My Cousin

  1. The fact that your cousin knows you are there at the end of the line makes all the difference. With the right support and love she will make it through, just need to maintain that spirit.

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