A Pleasant Surprise

Painting the house…
That’s what I’ve been doing this rainy bank holiday weekend.

To be completely honest, the idea of spending three days inhaling paint fumes and accumulating paint drops on my clothes and in my hair did not sound particularly alluring to me to begin with. The thought of tackling the entire house with just my mum for company also sounded extremely unappealing. Sorry mum! It’s not that we don’t get on, but too much time spent together is a guaranteed recipe for disaster, we just always end up getting under each other’s skin!

So typically, I anticipated many pointless but heated arguments and differences of opinion to take place over the course of the weekend. But I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

My mum and I didn’t end up strangling one another, we actually had some nice bonding time! Talking about anything and everything and discussing as opposed to arguing. It was fun to have some one-on-one time with her for a change, without my sisters around.

Our routine consisted of taking a break every hour and a half to either have a snack or a tall glass of banana smoothie. And then when each day came to a close, we kicked back and watched whichever Bollywood film we could find on TV with some frothy hot chocolates.

Plus the painting side of things wasn’t so bad either! Initially my hands tensed up and ached after holding the massive paint brush for such long intervals at a time, but eventually I got used to it and actually found peace of mind in the repetitive but calming action. In a way it became strangely therapeutic to slap a new colour onto our dated walls, wiping away the old to start afresh.

So I’m feeling pretty rejuvenated and content right about now! That is until we get around to cleaning up all the mess that we’ve made, but hey, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it! Here’s to new beginnings and being pleasantly surprised 😀

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