Don’t Stop The Beat

Recently I discovered a pattern.

Whenever I leave my house in the mornings for work I’m pretty much dead to the world. No really I kid you not. Anyone who makes even a slight  attempt to interact with me before 8.30am will either be mindlessly grunted at, completely ignored or subjected to one of my deadly death stares. Charming I know… but I’m really not a morning person! Strangely however, after listening to a select playlist of songs on my iPod whilst walking to the office, I’m slowly eased into a much more cheery and bright mood. And so by the time my colleagues see me I’m smiling from ear to ear, ready to engage in endless chit chat and start another productive day.

Yes, in a nutshell the sole driving factor behind my early morning transformations into a functional human being…is music!

So let’s just take a second to truly appreciate just how wonderful music really is. It can be healing, uplifting, calming, energizing, reassuring, depending entirely on your mood and what you need from it; music gives and takes nothing in return. It can be the artist’s tone of voice that appeals to you, perhaps even the baseline of the track, or maybe the lyrics touch a chord and call out to you making you think, wow this song was made for me!

In my music library there are certain songs that remind me of certain people, certain places, certain conversations which I can then recollect and visualize so clearly whenever I hear them again, even if that happens to be years later. It’s almost like jumping into a time capsule; and that can be an amazing thing. Lots of late 90’s RnB songs remind me of my childhood and eavesdropping at my elder sisters’ bedroom doors whenever they’d blast such tunes whilst getting ready to go out with friends. I’d run to school the next day, feeling so knowledgeable and ‘cool’, ready to educate all of my unknowing peers about Usher and Nelly, a massive contrast to the Spice Girls and S Club 7 who we were all well-versed in thanks to primary school discos (cringe!)

Other songs however, aren’t always as easy to hear back. There are certain tracks that I kept on repeat to get through tough times, when I lost people close to me, and so I still get a lump in my throat whenever I hear them again, regardless of where I am or what I’m doing.

But at the end of the day, whether I’m happy or sad, I’ll never turn away my iPod because even when I activate Shuffle mode, it always seems to know just what I want to hear. If I’m happy, it’ll make me even more excitable and hyper; if I’m sad it’ll put me in a deep, contemplative mood which is sometimes just what I need. And of course, most importantly, when I’m on a treadmill at the gym, feeling like I’m an inch away from death, music gives me the boost that I need to channel my inner Usain Bolt; so once that baseline drops… I’ll be sprinting all night 😀

6 thoughts on “Don’t Stop The Beat

  1. What an amazing post. I have so much to say about songs and music. Other than the re-energize factor which I also go through in the morning and at the gym or just simply when I’m happy, songs at times are the only person out there that I can share my bliss with. I especially love songs I grew up with (80’s pop). They are like memories that you can always go back to. When I play them I see faces, activities, things I did, things I could have done, lost loves and so much more. A certain song can mean the world to you, but could be of no intrinsic value to somebody else. Thats the power of music…it touches a chord and pulls at those who has reached with its lyrics, beat, rhythm and pulse. So yeah Never Stop the Beat.

    1. 100% agree with everything that you’ve said! And I love how you’ve mentioned the way that ‘a certain song can mean the world to you, but could be of no intrinsic value to somebody else.’ That’s so true. Thanks for your comment, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post 😀

  2. Love it! I too love my tunes..the soundtrack to my weird life. But my taste is so wide it can’t be properly defined. But play me anything Keane, Snow Patrol, Dixie Chicks or Opera Babes and you’ve got me humming. Oh, and John Mayer. I know, he’s a plonker…but musically, it’s hard to fault him. Well, except for that horrid Katy Perry duet. But that’s a story for another day…

    1. I’m glad to meet a fellow music lover 😀 And I agree with you, John Mayer has an amazing talent, you can’t fault him on that front…but yeah the Katy Perry duet definitely wasn’t one of his finest moments, I’m still not sure why either of them thought that it’d be a good idea! Thanks for stopping by!

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