The Beauty Of Indian Women

An explosion of exotic-coloured outfits: mango orange, ruby red, peacock blue, emerald green

Glossy tresses of black hair are flicked back and forth in conversation

Sparkling bindis  are centred between immaculately shaped eyebrows

Bright almond-shaped eyes are lined with thick black kohl

Rosy, soft cheeks brush familiar faces when meeting and greeting

Cherry lips part to reveal warm, welcoming smiles

Heavy chandelier earrings catch the light, swinging and swaying from resilient earlobes

Paisley embroidered chunnis  and dupattas  momentarily slip from long, elegant necks

Clinking bangles slide surreptitiously up and down slender forearms with every slight movement

Palms are tattooed with stories scribbled in intricate mendhi  patterns, unique to each pair of hands

Towering stiletto heels are concealed underneath floor length saris  and bejewelled lengeh 

Poised, graceful and dignified

You cannot deny the beauty of Indian women.

21 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Indian Women

  1. Every time I see those sizzling colours I’m jealous. I’m a descendant of that tribe that journeyed so far north that they had to turn pale-skinned. My soul yearns for orange, hot-pink and dazzle but my skin can only tolerate pale greys and beige!

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