Debunking Female Stereotypes

There are so many preconceived notions about women that exist in society. So many that I’d probably be sitting here typing for a week straight if I resolved to bullet point each and every one that I’ve ever come across in my entire life so far! Women are horrendous drivers, women cannot follow directions, women are excessively emotional and hormonal, all women say the exact opposite of what they really mean… blah blah blah! All complete nonsense! Although we may share a gender, no two women are the same my friend. So you cannot put us all in some communal box and say that we all have the exact same likes/dislikes, habits and personality traits, because of course we don’t. And in the same respect, I don’t think that all men should be pigeonholed on account of their gender either. I know plenty of men who do not retain any kind of tough/macho exterior, who actually enjoy talking about their feelings and who can be regarded as Class A neat-freaks! And so I’m aware that the masculine stereotypes that exist in society are also complete and utter rubbish too (don’t worry male readers I haven’t forgotten you).

Therefore, in defiance of such out-dated popular opinion, below I have listed 8 things about myself which contradict some of the gender guidelines that I’m supposed to follow as a woman:

1) I don’t have any kind of attachment to bags/purses, they’re such nuisances! If it weren’t for social conventions I’d retain everything that I need in my pockets.

2) When it comes to makeup, I’m a pro with liquid eyeliner and fake eyelashes but that’s about it. Even after watching countless Youtube tutorials I still don’t have a clue what to do with blushers, bronzers, toners or any other cosmetic products that MAC and Bobbi Brown try to rip us off with.

3) Spending the day shopping is a nightmare. Aimlessly wandering around stores and trying on clothes makes me tired and hungry, so I will only subject myself to such horrors when it is absolutely necessary. For the most part, I thank God for online shopping!

4) I don’t diet or count calories, I eat and count cakes.

5) I really don’t like unnecessary drama and try as hard as I can to stay away from people who do.

6) I don’t have random, inexplicable mood swings that cause me to cry or snap at people for no reason.

7) I’m not really fazed by bouquets of flowers.

7) I can’t say that The Notebook  is one of my all time favourite films (I know, I know, I’m a poor excuse for a girl… what’s new!)

27 thoughts on “Debunking Female Stereotypes

  1. True sense of modernity in your views when you debunk male and female stereotypes.. I am glad that I get to read such stuff.. Men are getting adjusted to the changing women around them. In that endeavour you made things easier for me!!! 🙂 (Y)

  2. All of them are on the money but #3 is just beyond the truth! Just the other day as I stood in the fitting room with a bunch of clothes to try on, after the first few items I remember thinking, this is not for me lol

  3. Hey Love u for writing this. U reminded me of my backpack that i carry office. One day for a change i took a sling bag to office and there were my colleagues who noticed it and commented that Gitanjali this is d first time we have seen u carrying a girlish bag and i was speechless 😛

  4. This is pretty much me as well. The only make-up I can do is winged eyeliner and mascara and I have a dislike for flowers. This was great 🙂

  5. That’s true, but you could argue that a lot gender stereotypes still exist and are followed by people purely because of the popular ingrained belief that they are a fixed societal norm. Girls are ‘supposed to be’ sensitive and boys are ‘supposed to be’ macho. And so some people may think that if they stray from such rigid gender-orientated guidelines, it will result in them being perceived as alien/abnormal within their community. Therefore the stereotypes continue to be reinforced in a neverending cyclical fashion! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  6. Hi! First I want to say thank you for stopping by my blog and for the follow. I love your blog, especially this post. It’s so true. That’s why it always bothers me whenever I hear girls say, “I’m not like other girls.” Of course you aren’t. We’re all different and don’t fit just one specific mold.

  7. Great post! I blame pop magazines and films for propagating these stereotypes, mainly to advertise their fancy perfumes and products. Only a minority of women I know are obsessed with fashion designers/make-up, and they usually come from rich backgrounds. Also, most people I know avoid drama and confrontation. Any bit of conflict or emotion among women is considered overly dramatic, because some people trivialize them.

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