The Strong One

She’s the life of the party, intelligent, outgoing and strong,

A friendship made with her is sure to be life-long.

An infectious personality, always armed with a funny anecdote,

To brighten someone’s day she always has the antidote.

A pro in dishing out advice and rationalising situations,

Alleviating people’s stresses, tensions and frustrations.

But now and then dealing with her own issues she stumbles,

Overwhelmed and uncertain as the roof above her crumbles.

Bottling everything up she continues to act the clown,

Never letting on that she’s feeling so down.

Her emotions are muddled, no one understands,

As she refuses to put her problems in other people’s hands.

Owing to her proud character, she does not seek pity,

Just someone to listen and stick with her through all the nitty-gritty.

So when she’s ready to let down her guard I’ll be there day or night,

To cheer her up and assure her that everything’s gonna be alright.

Because she’s been there for me, so of course I’ll return the favour,

And this time I’ll be the strong one, I’ll be her saviour.

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