An iPhone Takeover!

It’s impossible to go a whole day without seeing an iPhone somewhere. Whether you see them dotted around the train carriage on your way to/ from work; pressed against someone’s ear as you walk down the road; or even if you should decide to look at your hand RIGHT NOW, you’ll be sure to see one. Because Apple and its iPhones are taking over the world!

Recently, I’m being driven insane by friends and family lecturing me on the amazingness of the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C and why I MUST upgrade the software on my iPhone 4S to iOS 7.0 because the new layout is SO amazing. Honestly, I want to cry sometimes, when did phones become so important?!

Yes I do happen to have an iPhone, but I would never willingly engage in a conversation of enthusiastically listing the strong points and advantages that my phone retains over others. It’s just a phone at the end of the day. And I’m definitely not trying to be scouted by Apple’s Sales and Promotional team.

I remember the days when I carried around an old HTC model. That dependable phone lasted me a few solid years; it made calls, received texts and allowed me to take the occasional photo… simples. But as soon as the iPhone epidemic struck, I felt like the kid who gets picked last in gym class, all because my phone didn’t have FaceTime, iMessage or Siri (the latter of which is absolutely pointless by the way!) And so when that trusty old brick breathed its last breath, I was assured by everyone around me that the only LOGICAL upgrade was an iPhone.

Ultimately, iPhones symbolise status and wealth (seeing as they’re so expensive!) And so people want to get their hands on the newest models just so that they can seem like ‘somebodies’, rather than Blackberry/HTC/Nokia owning ‘nobodies’. And yet, this ideology seems absolutely ridiculous to me. It shows just how superficial society has become; and it’s shocking to see how globally widespread this status symbol has come to be over such a short period of time. My 12 year old cousin in India, living in a minimalistic village with cows and goats, is even trying to get his hands on one!

And so I wonder, how long  this frenzy will last? Will iPhones still be around in a decade or two? Or will some other digital giant wade in and blow the Apple iPhone to smithereens? I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

8 thoughts on “An iPhone Takeover!

  1. i hate that phones has become an integral part of our lives and i’m one of those who can’t live without a phone! i’m not an iphone fan though. i had iphone3. and it was fine until i upgraded the os and it became unusable. i don’t see myself going back anytime sooner.

  2. I totes agree I think the world has become obsessed with technology what’s the new craze, people will never be happy with what they already have. They always seem to strive to get the next thing like the iphone! I am probably one of the only people that’s not updated my IOS to 7, I like it the way it is and I’ve heard lots of horror stories, So sorry Apple I am not changing for you! (for now, or until my contract ends!)

    nice blog btw x

  3. I just lost my Samsung galaxy S2. And everyone is like “buy an iPhone!!!” I do have have an ipad but phones are phones. Not a status symbol. I am temporarily using a Nokia phone right now which I proudly take everywhere as I would have taken my smartphone.

  4. I am 45 so can remember the days before mobiles (let alone iPhones) existed. I recall, while at university pouring coins into a pay phone while chatting to my family and, joy of joys standing in a phone box which someone had ripped the door off, in freezing weather, trying to have a conversation with family or friends without freezing to death. As a blind person I like the fact that Apple products, including the iPhone have a screen reader (voiceover) which easily enables visually impaired people like me to access the internet, read and send e-mail and perform a variety of other tasks. The advance of technology has certainly benefited the disabled. Having said all that I sometimes turn my phone off as I like to go for a walk in a beautiful place without the knowledge that I may be disturbed. People need to learn that technology is a useful tool not a means of enhancing one’s status. It is good to turn off the iPhone or other technology and just listen to the singing of the birds or the patter of the rain on the leaves.

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