A Macaroon And A Hot Chocolate

A fat chocolate macaroon and a hot chocolate in a café,

Yummy, perfection, delectable… what more can I say?

Some may think it’s a sickly combo, but I must disagree,

At the end of the day my big protruding sweet tooth is what makes me, me!

Dip the macaroon in the frothy chocolate just for fun,

And then go over to the counter and order another one!

Crumbs on a plate and an empty mug: time to reach the door,

Even though my stomach is not yet satisfied and is still demanding MORE!

Behind the glass window there’s a rainbow-coloured spread of macaroons…white, green, blue and pink,

But brown-chocolate ones are definitely my favourite, especially when taken with a hot drink 🙂

7 thoughts on “A Macaroon And A Hot Chocolate

  1. I’ve only tasted pistachio macaroons so far but they are absolutely divine. Never thought to try it with hot choc though – I’d probably be on a sugar high all day!

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